Production Services

Experts at our company are capable of performing sample making, pattern making, The Cutting Room is a one stop full operation company, designed to assist designers through the complex procedures of creating a new collection. With 27 years of industry experience, we have the ability to connect designers with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in the fashion industry.>
The Cutting Room has worked with a diverse variety of designers, including many well established high end designers, and many designers that have shown at international trade shows.

With our many years of experience we have the ability to work with a variety of different fabrics. Experts at our company are capable of performing sample making, pattern making, and production, CAD, grading, and marking.
We can assist designers to develop a final product that is cost efficient and will satisfy any consumer.

Pattern Making
This is where it all starts. The napkin, so to speak. Define and understand the opportunity, create concepts to pursue and satisfy the market, and design prototypes to test, The Cutting Room is a leader in ‘Discovery & Exploration,’ helping you establish a winning idea to swiftly go-to-market.
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Sample Making
With 25 years navigating the global sourcing ecosystem, we know how to tame (and manage) the beast. Whether you’re looking for small or large runs, knits, wovens, or leather, we are connected with the finest, most innovative factories, both domestic and overseas, for men’s/ women’s/children’s apparel, accessories and shoes. We also coach and engage in price negotiation, ensuring you get the best value.
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Samples of initial designs & prototypes are a critical stage in the apparel process, and we can help with that, producing samples in-house. We deliver quality samples quickly, helping you validate and evolve the garment.
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Sample Development
Nailing sizing, block patterns, and materials specifications is no easy task. This is where money is made, and often lost. Marker making is where the big gains in efficiency are, Let us show you how it’s done.
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Small Lot Production
Much like sampling, production of finished product, whether it’s capsule collections for established brands or first collections for new ventures, is an exciting time in the fashion cycle. Our team can get you to market efficiently and economically. We produce 1 to 100 pieces in- house and can manage small to large off-site production for you.
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Illustration and Tech Pack Services
Fashion Illustrations are essential to any creative process. We can help you visualize your collection to your buyers and production team. At The Cutting Room, you will work with our Illustration team on creating professional fashion illustrations, cutting orders and technical drawings. With the option to work on a range of different styles and visual presentations our team will insure to make your creative vision a reality.
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