Fashion Design, Illustration & Creative Direction

This comprehensive course is tailored to fashion-focused students who want to develop their design skills and is taught by top industry experts. Learn how to conceive, conceptualize and create a full fashion collection for industry presentation. Using fashion illustration techniques, you will gain skills in drawing the fashion figure, and be able to illustrate your designs on high fashion croquis, utilizing multimedia tools to implement color into the sketch. The entire fashion cycle and design process will be explored from conception, research, customer profile, and mood, to inspiration and execution. To complete the creative design process, a final 40-look collection, specific to each designer’s unique point of view, will be created in full color, with fabric swatches and technical flat drawings, presented in a professional portfolio. This course consists of Section 1 – Illustration and Section 2 – Creative Design.

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Section 1 – Fashion Illustration

Seeing the Figure as Familiar Shapes/Proportion

  • Breaking the figure down into simple shapes
  • Gesture
  • Proportion
  • Fleshing out the figure
  • Faces
  • Hands/feet
  • Exaggeration
  • Stylization
  • Students will learn how to render the figure in color and apply a light source (shadow). Skin tones and hair rendering will be studied and executed in both realism and stylization.

Illustrate a Variety of Elements

  • Skirts
  • Blouses/shirt
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Lapels/collars/closures
  • Ruching, ruffles, drape
  • Fabric texture and hand


Utilizing gouache, markers and colored pencils, students will learn to render fabrics accurately, including prints in actual scale.

  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Satin
  • Leather/vinyl
  • Sequin
  • Lace/eyelet
  • Houndstooth, tweed, pinstripes
  • Prints, both geometric and floral
  • Fur

Presentation Portfolio

Students will create professional fashion drawings and learn how to create a professional layout of a collection with technical drawings and fabrications, as well as a collection and designer statement.


Section 2 – Creative Design

Principles of Design

  • 7 silhouettes in fashion
  • Hand/Fabrics/ Weights /Seasonality/Prints and Print Matching
  • 5:8 proportion/ Golden Mean
  • Rhythm/ Balance- symmetrical/asymmetrical
  • Equal and unequal rhythm
  • Continuous line movement
  • Unity

Fashion Elements

Recognize and identify garment styles, names, and fashion terminology


  • Build a collection concept
  • Learn effective types of research
  • Create a Brand Matrix and customer profile
  • Build a mood board for a collection
  • Research and design for a target market/demographic.

Fabric Research and Fabricating a Line

  • Research textile trade shows (Premiere Vision)
  • Understand fabric agents and the role of sourcing
  • Create a cohesive fabric story
  • Learn how to select appropriate fabrics for seasons and mood, and be able to swatch a collection

Technical Spec Drawing

  • Create and hand render technical drawings for specification packages and line sheets
  • Work from spec library to create new styles

Fashion Terminology

Learn correct names and pronunciations in the fashion industry, including designers

Collection Development

Learn how to bring all the elements of the fashion cycle together and create and draw a 40-piece cohesive collection specific to your own designer niche


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