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The educational program at The Cut Fashion Academy consists of 5 core modules + 2 second level modules that may be completed individually to earn a specialized certification or combined for a more comprehensive Fashion Education.

Each module is balanced between informative lectures and hours of hands-­on lab time.

Every student also gains the advantage of 80 hours in a co-­op practicum position in a field of their interest.

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An established and respected leader in apparel design and production, she has a talent for designing businesses that win. She loves efficiency as much as aesthetic, margin as much as making it right, and sustainability as much as style. Her balanced approach steers big brands in healthy new directions and provides up-­starts with a solid foundation to launch from. She is the founder of FBA360, a New York­based fashion-business coaching firm. Liza knows how to get things done and make things happen.



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This 14-week comprehensive course is tailored to fashion-focused students who want to develop their design skills and is taught by top industry experts. Learn how to conceive, conceptualize and create a full fashion collection for industry presentation. Using fashion illustration techniques, you will gain skills in drawing the fashion figure, and be able to illustrate your designs on a high fashion croquis, utilizing multimedia tools to implement colour into the sketch. The entire fashion cycle and design process will be explored from conception, research, customer profile and mood, to inspiration and execution.
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The Patternmaking and Construction Module consists of 14 weeks of intensive skill building. The course enables students to become industry proficient in patternmaking, fit and sewing construction. The first six weeks are dedicated to learning the fundamentals of pattern making, fit and sewing, and by Week 7 students choose their ‘design’ stream: active/technical wear, evening wear, contemporary women’s or menswear. A small class size of 6 allows for individual attention, where we provide an industry-level professional environment and the opportunity for students to learn the necessary specialized skills through hands-on training.
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In this intensive hands-on 14 week course, you will learn how to become an effective fashion marketer. In the competitive fashion industry world, you need skills that speak to the consumer, whether you want to work for an established company or develop the “Brand of You”. In today’s media-heavy environment, it’s essential you are able to communicate a brand’s DNA to their target market. Learn the skills necessary for success by working with industry professionals to gain entry into the creative and profitable business of fashion.
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In this comprehensive 14-week course, you will learn production development and management in apparel manufacturing. Taking a product line from concept to marketplace, you will research material markets and analyze trends for development of private label merchandise. Prototypes are developed both locally and overseas, and manufacturing and budgetary issues are analyzed. Textile Science, an essential industry component, is examined to understand the role of fabrics, choices, and costing, and technical garment specification packages are emphasized.
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This module examines every aspect of pattern making and grading using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design software (V10) and focuses on specific job responsibilities often assigned to apparel pattern makers and graders. Rather than focus solely on software commands, this class incorporates invaluable insight gained from the professor’s extensive experience as an industry insider. Lessons, exercises, and quizzes focus not only on teaching the software, but also on preparing students to be successful industry professionals.
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Couture Pattern Making Evening Wear
In this comprehensive and specialized 14-week course, you will focus on the intricacies and techniques utilized in evening wear and bridal. Students will learn how to draft, construct and manipulate fabrics utilizing a variety of specialty fabrics and finishes, including beading, lace work, and tailoring, as well as learn how to drape in jersey and silk. At the completion of this module, you will draft and assemble two couture evening wear designs that reflect your personal design point of view and brand. This advanced course has entry requirements of a one-year Pattern Making course or equivalent.
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Technical Pattern Making Advanced Outerwear
In this challenging and industry-specific course, you will learn how technical apparel is designed and manufactured. With a focus on pattern making that uses the technical and performance properties of various fabrics for specific end-uses such as sports, recreation, survival, and protection, you will pursue advanced pattern making and garment assembly studies geared to the outdoor sports enthusiasts. You will acquire the knowledge of new fibres, fabrics and trims, and learn how to apply specific technical construction techniques to build performance garments. You will also visit local Vancouver manufacturers specializing in technical apparel manufacturing. For your final project, you will pattern and sew a four-piece capsule collection. This advanced course has entry requirements of a one-year Pattern Making course, or equivalent.
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