Summer 2019 - 2 Week Intensive

Fashion Design, Illustration & Creative Direction: 2-Week Summer Intensive
In this two-week intensive students to apply and improve their illustrative technique by conceptualizing and executing a tightly-edited 12-piece collection.  Students learn how to take their initial design inspiration and interpret it for a specific target market
Couture Pattern Making: 2-Week Summer Intensive
In this two-week intensive, students will focus on the intricacies and techniques utilized in evening wear and bridal. Students will learn how to construct and manipulate fabrics utilizing a variety of specialty fabrics and finishes, including beading, lace work and tailoring.  
Marketing and Branding: 2-Week Summer Intensive
 In this intensive hands-on 2 week course, you will understand the role of an effective Fashion Marketer. In the competitive fashion industry world, you need skills that speak to the consumer, whether you want to work for an established company or develop the “Brand of You”.
Digital Pattern Making - Gerber: 2-Week Summer Intensive
This two-week introductory course examines the digital aspect of pattern making and grading using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design software (V10). Under the guidance of industry professionals, students will receive hands-on instruction covering pattern creation, drafting, digitizing, plotting, knock offs, data conversion, technical specification sheets, and costing of markers.
Basic Pattern Making: 2-Week Summer Intensive
The Pattern Making Basics course introduces students to the standard principles of pattern making. This introductory class teaches students the fundamentals of pattern making with small class sizes to allow for individual attention. Students learn necessary specialized skills through hands-on training by highly qualified professors in an industry-level environment.
Technical Pattern Making: 2-Week Summer Intensive
In this two-week introductory course, you will learn how technical apparel is designed and manufactured. With a focus on pattern making that uses the technical and performance properties of various fabrics for specific end-uses such as sports, recreation, survival, and protection.